Carver Tripp
The Golden Eagle
The Original Golden Eagle by Carver E. Tripp





Created in my New York studio in 1986, this Golden Eagle sculpture would go on to be my most successful work. Approximately 150,000 of these were manufactured from 1986 to 1992. All were numbered and sold as collectables by the New York Metropolitan Guild for Collectable Art. All were manufactured here in the United States to insure quality.




I chose the landing position because it's just so majestic, wings spread, talons open, and a very purposeful and powerful expression overall.



As far as I know, the Golden Eagles were produced using a pewter based alloy and then layered in a fine film of 24 karat gold. The original selling price for these beautiful eagles was $19.95 as advertised in the New York Times in 1986. The one I own ( pictured here) has held up very well even though it is now 28 years old!