Carver Tripp
J&S Hawken Rifle by Carver Tripp

Made from the highest quality parts made in the USA, this is a fully functioning, exact replica, of the Hawken rifle carried by the famous Christopher (Kit) Carson in the 1830's and 1840's. It is a muzzle loading black powder rifle, weighing 10 and 1/2 pounds, and is chambered for a .54 cal. round lead ball. It was originally manufactured in St. Louis by Jake and Sam Hawken. Some have said that the Hawken rifle, with it's graceful lines, was one of the most beautiful rifles ever produced!

Carried by hunters, trappers, and settlers exploring the wild west, this Hawken rifle has a percussion style lock for firing #11 caps. The wood shown is #3 fancy curly maple and is beautifully stained and finished like the original Hawkens. All of the metal is traditional iron and is finished brown as were rifles in the 1830's. The barrel is removable by releasing two barrel "keys" for easy cleaning and storage. Note that the rifle has double set triggers and can be fired set or unset.